Friday, March 2, 2018

Permohonan Tahun 1 Ambilan 2018/2019

Hi you all, 

Anak kedua I, Imani skrg 5 years old. By year 2020, dia akan mula bersekolah darjah 1. 

Sekarang dah boleh buat pendaftaran online yer. dekat website KPM. Sistem Pendaftaran Atas Talian! 
So much easier than my first son yg kena register manual dekat sekolah. 

So the details are as below ya:-

Maklumat mengenai permohonan kemasukan Tahun 1 ambilan 2018/2019 adalah seperti berikut:
  1. Permohonan melalui Sistem Pendaftaran Atas Talian (SPAT) KPM - hanya untuk seluruh negeri di Semenanjung Malaysia sahaja. Manakala bagi Negeri Sabah, Sarawak dan Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan, permohonan adalah secara manual melalui sekolah.  
    • Dibuka mulai 1 Mac 2017 hingga 30 April 2017
    • Hanya ibu/bapa/penjaga sahaja yang dibenarkan membuat permohonan bagi murid tersebut
    • Layari untuk akses ke sistem permohonan dalam talian bagi pengguna berdaftar. Manakala bagi pengguna baharu, sila layari pendaftaran pengguna baharu.
    • Kemasukan Tahun 2018 adalah bagi kanak-kanak yang lahir pada 2 Januari 2011 hingga 1 Januari 2012.
    • Kemasukan Tahun 2019 adalah bagi kanak-kanak yang lahir pada 2 Januari 2012 hingga 1 Januari 2013.
  1. Permohonan secara manual melalui sekolah.

Nota Penting: Perlu ada buku rekod kesihatan anak bersama sewaktu nak isi borang ni yer. 
Maklumat vaccination anak diperlukan. 
Untuk yg anak anti-vac tu, saya xpasti la yer mcm mana. 
Agaknya kena home-schooling je la kot. sbb sekolah pun x boleh nak accept if your child is not vaccinated. 
I also cannot accept if my daughter or son terpaksa bergaul rapat dengan kawan2 yg tidak di vaksin. 
maaf la ye kalau ada yg terasa. 
it's our personal choice so don't expect the whole world to accept your choice not to vaccine your kids. 

Rekod kesihatan anak sangat penting! 
jangan ambil lewa! 
Vaksinlah anak anak mengikut apa yg telah disarankan kerajaan. 
Kalau berkemampuan, ambil vaksin tambahan seperti rotavirus, pneumococcal dan sebagianya. 

eh, entry ni jadi entry promote vaksin pulak rather than the year 1 registration. 

*2 in 1* 

till then, let's menabung for kids future too!

MyBRAIN15 - Application for 2018

Assalamualaikum you all,

Ada berita baik nak di share pagi ni.

Application untuk MyBRAIN15 kini dibuka kembali.

Common, grab it fast while you can.

Insya Allah akan sngt membantu you all yg dah dpt offer letter atau yg dah half way dalm pengajian pasca siswazah (post-graduate).

I was a product of MyBRAIN15 during 2013-14.

Alhamdulillah, it really helps me and thank you so much to Kementerian Pengajian TInggi (KPT) for the opportunity given to all Malaysians.

here is the link for you to apply


You may read the terms and conditions in the website ya.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

The IHs and my 31st birthday

Assalamualaikum my dear blog,

I miss writing to you. It has been some time since I really wrote properly. 
2018 has been very good so far. For family and for my career. 

My eldest has been schooling in primary school. Nearby our house.
He had been appointed as Ketua Kelas.
And he is now wearing a pair of spectacle, just like me and his father. But I think he follows his father more than me because the father wore spectacles since Standard 2.

My second has changed to new kindy, get some dramatic sessions at the new kindy and I decided to take her out from that kindy and move her back to the previous years' kindy. 
She is in good hands now, at least that's what my husband and I feel. She also has Stage 2 tonsilitis. We had been seeing E&T specialist and the doctor said as for now, we had to monitor her very closely. If she experiences fever more than 4-6 times a year, we need to consider for the operation to remove the tonsil.

My youngest has been so cheeky that every day he will pinch my face and kiss me to show that he misses me for the day that he had to stay at the babysitter. He can pronounce some words already like Mama, Babah, Nak, Dah, Tanak, Yayah, Abang, Kakak.. He lost some weight though, I think he has been very active and cheerful. Also dah pandai merajuk and memilih what to eat or to wear and what not to. He can climb the stairs by himself now, but that always gives me a little heart attack. I realize that I write very little about Iyaadh for last year. I will try to write more frequent bout him, since the abang and the kakak got lots of blog entry for themselves. It's just 3rd child syndrome and umi doesn't have enough time.

May Allah Swt always protect them from any kecelakaan and kemungkaraan

Well, I had turned 31 in early February and I received multiple surprise celebration. 
Started by my husband who bought me a surprise birthday present. Sembonia handbag that comes with 3-in-1 package. I love it. The big handbag is so formal and big. It can fit my xps dell laptop, so it is good for my daily usage to classes and for formal meetings. The second bag is my type. A sling bag, with the same pattern as the formal one. Just I prefer this one more than the first one because  I can use it for casual daily usage as well as for traveling. The third bag is a pencil case, with the same pattern of the first and the second handbag. I never use the pencil case yet. I am waiting for the perfect time to use it, perhaps when I am starting my doctorate study sooner, Insya Allah.

us at UTP new coffee cafe-Tepee.that has become our fav lepak time wherever we have time for some coffee together.

The day before my birthday, my research students made a surprise celebration again, by coming over to my office with some unrealistic dramas and end up with cake cutting ceremony in my office. Thanks guys. I appreciate it very much.

nabilah, my MSc student who did the surprise together with her other friends.

About two weeks later when I went back to Terengganu for CNY holiday, my sister in law who got married to my brother Imran, made another long-distance surprise where she requested her friends to help her buy some cake, balloons and choc bouquet to be delivered to my in laws house. Thanks so much Yana and Imran. That really made my day and I was very very surprised.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Review Hand Blender Phillips bought from LAZADA!

Assalamualaikum and Hi semua :)

I am back now! hahah seriously I don't know how I can squeeze in some time every day now to write here. Maybe azam tahun baru kot. 

So, today, I nak share dgn korang semua pasal satu product yg sgt best. Kira mcm bibik letrik I kat dapur. Which is Philips Hand Blender! 

I beli from LAZADA dah dekat 2 years ago masa LAZADA tgh SALE. 

Sekarang pun tengah SALE korang!!! 

Chinese New Year Sale!!!

Harga asal RM200++

Now Sale RM80++ je !!! 

Diskaun banyak kot. I even beli kan hand blender Philips ni untuk bagi wedding gift for my office mate jugak sebab I sendiri suka pakai. 

Bayangkan I beli more than 2yrs ago and my bibik letrik @ Philips Hand Blender still working at superb condition! So, kualiti barang yg dibeli from LAZADA sangat lah terjamin ok. bukan ciplak pumya.

To be honest, ada hand blender ni, korang xperlu dah kot ada blender biasa tu. Utk tugas memasak utk satu rumah yg dlm 5-6 orang kira hand blender ni dah sgt helpful. 

Ni I blend bawang putih. Ke I buat mash potato eh? 

I pon xingt sebab ni gambar few months ago. But really, it gives the best texture I wanted for my food. 

This is my weekend routine, untuk sediakan bawang blend. 

See, mudah sgt. And sebabI bukanlah masak all the days (ada cheat days too), so my bawang yg di blend dgn hand blender ni enough for at least two weeks tau! of course la kena simpan dalam bekas tupperware yg sesuai too. eh, terpromote tupperware pulak. hahaha

Apart from the bawang, bubur baby pon sgt mudah nak di hancurkan guna philips hand blender ni. 

Tak caya, korang kena la beli n try sendiri.. 

You will love it as much as I do! 

Thank you so much LAZADA sebab buat sale philips hand blender ni. Kalau tak sale, kena kumpul duit 2 bulan dulu baru boleh beli. Since ada sale, tak teragak2 la I all nak beli. 

Since sekarang pon tengah sale dkt LAZADA 

Actually, bukan setakat Philips Hand Blender je yg I beli from LAZADA, pampers anak almost setiap bulan from LAZADA (hahahahaha)..

mesin potong rumput pon kitaorg beli from LAZADA and a lot more!!!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Bali Trip 2017-Day 1- an experience that we will never forget

Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera semua, 

Last year, 20-21 May, my husband dgn I attend satu conference dekat Bali. 
As usual, kami ambil peluang ni untuk jadikan percutian keluarga sekali. Tambah duit utk bayar tiket flight anak2 as well as tambah cuti tahunan. 

Kami pilih Malaysia Airlines sbb flying with kids, nak selesa sikit. 

Kesian Iyaadh nampk dahi and mata je. 
Dah la redha je dia duduk dalam stroller pink. 
Stroller Imani dulu. 

Abang Ilyaas and Kakak Imani

Dalam flight, I dapat seat next to Imani, and Iyaadh was with me. Halim and Ilyaas duduk seats few row belakang kitoarg. I dgn Imani row depan skali sebab nak attach dgn basinet. Sebelah Imani seorang lelaki from India, I think. 

Dah order kids meal siap2, so Imani punya food sampai dulu. Dapat pulak her favorite chicken spaghetti. Habis licin dia makan except for the chicken balls. Apa jenis balls pon dia tak suka makan mek Imani ni. 

Enjoying her food. Budak ni nampak je tenang. Dia punya bnyk cakap and kuat melawan tu mmg cannot tahan. Bikin umi dia stress all the time. 
Really copy-cat perangai I suka menjawab!

Sebab Umi kena handle adik Iyaadh yg also cannot duduk diam, Imani kena makan sendiri la. 

Si adik ni tak boleh letak baring dalam bassinet. Terus terjaga. Telinga nipis betul. Bila tidur berpelukan, baru nak nyenyak. Jangan harap la umi nak berehat dalam flight. 

Layan budak ni dah cukup puas. Eeeiii, ni before kitaorg botakkan rambut dia. 
Tapi muka dulu ngn sekarang sama je. 

Sweet boy of mine. 

Dalam flight ni ada satu experience yg I tak kan boleh lupa. Ada one uncle passed away dlm flight ni. He was sitting in the same row dgn I. 

Dari awal sebelum boarding lagi, uncle ni mmg dh naik wheel chair. anak dia yg uruskan dia. he looks really not healthy. dalam flight, seat dkt dgn window takde orang mulanya, so the daughter ubah ayah dia ke tepi window so that ayah dia boleh sandarkan kepala. tibe2, datang sorang mat saleh ckp tu tempat dia and nak duduk situ. so si anak tadi cuba nak kejutkan bapak dia utk ubah ke tempat bapak dia nampak sgt lemah and tak larat nak bergerak. So , mat saleh tu pun duduk je la dkt seat paling luar nearby the aisle. Which is next to me. 

Around 30 minutes before nak landing, kan ada announcement from pilot. masa tu, si anak perempuan tadi cuba kejutkan bapak dia. oh btw, masa makan pon, uncle tu tak bangun. anak dia ckp xyah kejut kat bapak dia masa pramaguri nak serve kan food. 

nak jadi kan cerita, bapak dia mmg x bangun2 dah. he went during his sleep. anak dia pon xsedar bila bapak dia passed away. so peaceful. ada pramugari cuba nak bagi oksigen, but no response. so they called out any doctors in the plane, and one turned out and did the checking. mmg the father already passed away for some time. and nothing can be done. 

I heard the daughter said that her father had cancer and just finished chemotherapy few days back. they are traveling to their hometown in Bali. yes, they do look like local people from Bali. She was also carrying a big bag of medicine, belongs to her father. She started shouting and crying, for few seconds and then she realized that nothing can be done so she just hold him tightly until we landed in Ngurah Rai Airport. And medical team was already there in the airport waiting to arrange for the body. 

Well, once landed, we waited for our bags and we were greeted by the driver from our hotel. 

This time around, we stayed in Kuta Paradiso Hotel. Luckily sebab we all buat booking through email, terus dapat upgrade to family room for free of charge. It was so luxurious and spacious for all of us. In fact Iyaadh had his own baby cot too. 

Also dpt welcome drink and welcoming fruit platter in the room. 

Ok nnt continue lagi :)

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Ilyaas first month of primary school

Assalamualaikum 2018 :)

Sebelum berakhir bulan Januari ni, kena juga cuba update my blog. Makin lama kerja, mmg byk tanggungjawab now, blog ni mmg terabai but I feel nak jugak writing here. 

Most important change in 2018 ialah anak dah masuk sekolah rendah. kami pilih sekolah kebangsaan yg paling dekat dengan rumah je. honestly, preparation utk anak masuk sekolah dibuat agak last minute and kurang teratur. sebab nya, umi dia banyak sgt benda lain dalam kepala especially urusan phd dan entah la urusan apa lain yg mcm menyerabutkan sangat pikiran umi. kesian kat anak2, lagi berapa hari nak mula school, baru umi dia boleh berfikir secara lurus utk urusan sekolah dorang. mujur la ayah dorg sgt cooperative dalam urusan kerja rumah siapkan segala baju nak iron, siapkan kasut etc. Umi uruskan buku2 ..

29 dec 17, ada taklimat kat skolah untuk murid darjah 1 tahun 2018.. 
both myself and husband ada meeting dekat Ipoh time tu, tp husband gi dulu, I drive asing. 
(itulah, walaupun kitaorg kerja satu office, nak dpt communicate waktu office pon susah coz masing2 ada tanggungjawab nak diselesaikan time office hour).. 

selesai taklimat around 10am, baru gerak ke Ipoh. masa ni tak bawa Ilyaas sebab dia dah amik exam masa awal dec. 29 dec tu utk pelajar yg tak amik exam DLP. 

by the way, ilyaas masuk kelas DLP. DLP ni stands for Dual Language Program which means Maths and Science akan diajar dalamEnglish Language. I let Ilyaas took the exam saringan sebelum mula sekolah, and luckily he managed to pass the exam and be able to be in DLP class. Hoepfully, he can manage to learn both subjects in English well. 

A day before the school. New Year eve ni. 
Umi sibuk wrap buku sekolah. While anak dia still dalam dunia ultraman nya. 

First day of school.
Adik Imani pon masuk tadika baru. Nanti update citer pasal Imani pulak yer. 
Ni entry utk abang Ilyaas dulu. 

Ilyaas jadi first boy yg in the line for kelas DLP. around 7am masa tu. 
Both husband and myself x amik cuti pon masa first day of school. 
Coz masa hantar pagi tu still early. Lepas dah tengok Ilyaas kelas mana etc, send Imani to her new kindy, send Iyaadh to babysitter, sempat lagi kitaorg masuk office on time. 

Assembly time during first day

My handsome boy

Ilyaas and Altamis. His friend from kindy. So dorg dah kenal maka rapat la. 
first day school dah buat havoc kat kelas. 
first day school balik je umi and ayah dah membebel. 
mana tak nya, dia pergi duduk atas meja time cikgu tgh ckp dlm kelas. 
agak kurang sopan la kan. 
so i mmg kaw2 bebel (nasihat). ayah dia pon sama brain wash dia. 

waktu rehat. 
Ilyaas mmg bawak bekal nasi goreng. 
dia pergi top up beli ayam goreng kat kantin. 
yg Altamis tu mcm blur2 sikit tak tau nak makan apa. 
Mak/ayah dia pulak tak kelihatan. so my husband helps to buy nasi lemak for him. 

Lapar agaknya, nasi lemak dah habis, Altamis request nak nasi goreng Ilyaas. memang ada banyak, so rezeki Altamis la dapt share nasi goreng tu. 

For first week, mmg parents boleh teman anak dekat kantin. untuk ajar anak2 cari nak beli makanan etc. I gunakan peluang ni monitor ilyaas. 

umi yg excite anak masuk sekolah. 
tapi I tak neveous sangat about him taking care of himself. sbb ilyaas mmg agak matured and boleh harap. nnt imani masuk sekolah i lagi worried. 

after rehat, kena assembly balik nnt pengawas lead dorg ke kelas. untuk elakkan incident sesat dari kantin ke kelas hahahha

second day. still bawa bekal

third day, belajar membeli di kantin. 
nasi lemak first round. 
second round bihun goreng pulak. 

melihat keadaan ilyaas yg x kenyang dgn portion nasi lemak di kantin sekolah, maka i tekad nak bekal kan dia food from home. anak i ni mmg kuat makan. Alhamdulillah selera dia mmg mudah la cuma kena portion dewasa. hahahah

so far, ada la 3 kali Ilyaas beli di sekolah. 
hari lain I still bangun pagi n masak kan utk dia. 
dah masak utk dia, sekali breakfast kitaorg gak la. 

alhamdulillah, after rehat while waiting for kawan2 sekelas, Ilyaas membaca . 
kat tempat perhimpuanan mmg cikgu sediakn rak buku, jadi students pilih je utk isi masa lapang. 

PJ day. Baju sukan belum dapat. 
So pakai tshirt putih dulu. I am glad that sekolah ni allow pakai sport shoes biasa rather than kasut sekolah waktu PJ Day. 
Dapat la kurangkan risiko kasut sekolah tersalut selut dan sebagainya. 

Ni dah masuk minggu ke-4 bersekolah, kitaorg dah makin rasa selesa dgn rutin harian. 

Biasanya, I akan bangun either 5am or 5.30am, siapkan bekalan utk waktu rehat, dan sarapan pagi Ilyaas and Imani. Sarapan dorg simple je, roti jem, air milo or yogurt. 

Utk bekal waktu rehat, I usually buat nasi goreng, or nasi putih yg baru masak dgn lauk leftover from dinner, roti burger, spaghetti goreng, mee goreng.. nnt i share dlam entry lain la pasal bekal ni. 

lepas dah siap semua,I akan kejutkan Ilyaas utnk mandi. or husband kejutkan dia dulu. 

then one of us akan hantar ilyaas ke sekolah while the other siapkan Imani pulak utk ke tadika. bila imani dah siap sarapan, send imani pulak ke school. waktu balik, so far still kitaorg akan pick up dia from skolah. xde plan lagi utk amik transporter. mungkin next yr ke..

and after 4 weeks of schooling, my Ilyaas Hafiy has a new look

taaaa daaaa


Specky Ilyaas

Dia mmg rabun, I dah dapt agak since before dia masuk skolah, tp masa kat skolah mmg confirm2 dia x nampak dgn jelas.. 

maka , here it runs in the genetic son!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Convocation Tadika Swasta Peringkat Negeri Perak 2017

Assalamualaikum semua, tak tau mana nak mula citer. 
Rindu nak menulis kat blog. Tak kisah la ada org baca ke x, tp sendiri suka simpan cerita gembira kat sini. yg tak gembira pon kadang2 citer gak kat sini.nnt dah lupa, baca2 balik, baru teringat. 

Anak sulung I all dah nak masuk darjah 1 2018 nnt. cepat nye masa berlalu. 
We are officially an old couple already! heh. but of course, still young at heart gitu. 

Masa bulan October, ke November 2011 aritu, Ilyaas dpt join convocation tadika swasta peringkat negeri perak. mewakili tadika pintas rabani cawangan iskandar perdana. Ilyaas dapat no 1. hahah, xtau mcm mana cikgu pilih. sebab masa ni dorang x exam ni. 
amik secara keseluruhan kot. 

masa ni my mother in law datang rumah, and dia kena balik kl tgh hari tu. so halim kena gi hantar mak ke train station, jadi I drive ngn Ilyaas and Imani gi Ipoh. 
Hujan renyai2 plak masa tu. and ada road construction kat Tronoh. 

We all had been involved dgn accident masa ni. Ya Allah, berdebar sgt bila dgr keta myvi kena hentam from belakang. I was really terkejut. First question lepas realized kereta kitaorg kena langgar from belakang, I tanya anak2 ok ke x. Ilyaas and Imani both jawab dorang ok. Alhamdulillah. then baru cari tempat lapang, I stop kan kereta, and kereta yg langgar we all tu pon stop gak. Nasib baik la kena langgar dgn orang yg baik. 
Dia take all responsibilities and nak baiki kereta kitoarg. 

Tukar2 no phone, amik plat no keta masing2 and I teruskan perjalanan ke Ipoh. 
Sampai plak dah lewat, parking penuh..menggila pusing cari parking. 

Mujur sempat sampai dewan penyampaian hadiah masa tgh berucap lagi. Pass Ilyaas terus kat teacher dia. 

Ilyaas Hafiy and kawan2 dia from Pintas Rabani

Muka bangga dapat trofi. 
Imani punya la jelez abang dia menambah koleksi trofi 

Kenapa la dua2 senyum pelik ni. dah la x tengok kamera 
gaya hipster agaknya

seronok budak2 dpt hadiah
no 2 aisyah nur iman
no 3 harith

nnt darjah 1 aisyah satu kelas ngn ilyaas gak
harith masuk sekolah lain.

3 budak pandai. 
moga friendship korang kekal smpi besar nnt

ni nak amik gambar dgn anak kak huzei. jiran satu taman
anak dia pon dpt hadiah utk tadika dzuliman. 

ilyaas dgn teacher soleha
teacher kesayangan ilyaas

pasni kalau sempat kita update citer lain pulak. 

birthday party ilyaas and iyaadh pon x citer lagi. 

teruk nya umi dorg ni!